SESSION FOUR Reporting back – Conclusions and the way forward

Summary from the Small-group workshops: What does the combined picture look like: priorities, actions and policy needs?

 Patrizia Heidegger, Director Global Policies and Sustainability, EEB

Conclusions and the way forward: Toni Vidan, Zelena Akcija – Friends of the Earth Croatia

Guiding questions – Summary workshops

1. What would you see as success for the next 2-5 year period (i.e. the Trio Presidency or next EU institution cycle)?
2. What new collaborations can help ensure an effective and just transition?
3. What should the EU do to address the environmental challenges?
4. How can civil society make a difference?

Guiding questions – Conclusions
1. What are our hopes for the EU presidencies?
2. Where can the EU make best use of its right of initiative and Treaty responsibilities?
3. Can the EP be a new democratic beating heart of an ecological transition?
4. What can civil society do to encourage European institutions to embrace a Green New Deal?


Location: Plenary Date: November 18, 2019 Time: 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm Patrizia Heidegger Toni Vidan