SESSION THREE Charting a course: How can governments set the agenda for a greener Europe?

Representatives from governments of Member States’ EU presidency teams:

Ongoing Trio:

  • Finland: Terhi Lehtonen, State Secretary for the Environment
  • Austria: Elisabeth Freytag-Rigler, Head of EU Environmental Affairs, Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism

Next Trio:

  • Germany: Karsten Sach, Director General ‘International and European Policy, Climate Policy’, Federal Ministry for the Environment
  • Portugal: Alexandra Carvalho, Secretary General, Ministry of Environment


Short presentations followed by moderated debate between EU presidency teams.

Guiding questions:

  1. What will your priorities be and what does/will success look like?
  2. What can be done in the next 2-5 years?
  3. What will success look like for the Council?
  4. How can civil society engage to raise and realise ambitions? And how will civil society’s space be protected to ensure a functioning democracy?